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We can help you quantitatively estimate the potential of each new opportunity.

Helping Companies reach their next growth horizon

Our business model is designed to help companies achieve greater returns by driving revenue and earnings growth.  We specialize in working with company management to implement key strategies driving your roadmap to value.  We bring a structured analytical process to help you align your resources to reach your organic growth goals.  This involves identifying how the company could serve customers in adjacent markets with their current products, and / or identifying new products or services that could serve its current customers.

Our team consists of senior executives with experience developing and implementing new business opportunities at fortune 100 companies in the US and Internationally.  We have created an approach that enables us to tailor these experiences to serve the specialized needs of mid-sized and middle-market companies.  Specifically, we have successfully applied analytical market and consumer driven disciplines to the more limited resource and data environments in which these firms operate.  Our approach brings discipline and data-driven decision making to the execution of your company’s key growth strategies.   Our team has experience working with companies across the retail channel as well as wide variety of consumer, distribution and manufacturing industries.